Clarity, Calm and Confidence Program

Initial Consultation

Start with this free 30 minute call by phone, on Zoom video calling or if you are local to Bentonville I'd love to meet you in person at one of the great coffee places in town. 


Over the 30 minutes we will get to know each other and I will explain the coaching process so you can understand if coaching is the right choice for you. I would love to answer any questions that you may have and we will talk through your individual needs so that we can create the best coaching plan specifically for you.


Discovery Session


Two comprehensive 1.5 hour sessions to look in depth at your life. By exploring your core values and understanding your archetypal behaviour patterns you will understand which areas of your life need your focus. A very insightful self discovery process which is valuable on its own but used at the start of a coaching process provides a powerful start. 


A Discovery session and 12 hours of 1:1 sessions (taken as 1 hour sessions).


This ultimate package is truly an investment in yourself and gives you the luxury of being able to fully explore many aspects of your life to ensure you gain the most possible from the coaching experience.


Individual topics can be looked at over a number of sessions if needed. The investment in yourself will create changes to last a lifetime and a real transformation for you to be the person you really want to be!


A Discovery session and 6 hours of 1:1 sessions (taken as 1 hour sessions).


A comprehensive package which has the benefit of being able to fully explore many areas and topics that you would like to talk through.


The six 1:1 sessions mean that you will be able to explore things in more depth and gain a deeper understanding and motivation to move forwards on the path towards reaching your goals.


A Discovery session and 3 hours of 1:1 sessions (taken as1 hour sessions).

This is a great starting point to develop understanding and insight in yourself to begin making positive changes and adaptations to enable you to be moving in the right direction from you.


A great confidence boosting package where you will have the time to focus on a few key areas which are important to you.


Between coaching sessions I can provide you with activities to enhance and deepen what we have talked about in our sessions.I will check in with you by e mail between our sessions and I will always be on your team cheering you on, celebrating your successes and when needed being supportive when life is challenging, as it inevitably will be for all of us at some point.

Continuation Packages can be added onto any previously bought package for $420 for four hours of 1:1 sessions. (Without a package or a discovery session these cost $475 for 4 hours).

Individual 1:1 sessions can be purchased for $125 per hour. However, I would really encourage you to invest in a discovery session which is so valuable to learn all about yourself before moving forwards. 

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