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Women who help ‘happy’ happen! Marsha Lane Foster

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Marsha is a strong woman inside and out who really understands the physical and emotional journey towards peace and happiness in oneself. Marsha has many successful entrepreneurial achievements and has a passion for helping people create positive transformations. Through her photography, film and fine art Marsha creates powerful opportunities for women and men to explore who they are and who they wish to become. Having witnessed these transformations for her clients Marsha has certainly discovered what makes herself and her clients happy.

I met up with Marsha in her photography studio in historic Downtown Rogers, Arkansas and was able to see first hand the work that Marsha produces. It is easy to see the journeys that her clients have undertaken and the incredible positive effect that it's had on them.

Karen: What do you know about happiness that your younger self wouldn’t have known?

Marsha: Happiness has everything to do with what is going on inside my heart and mind. External forces (of course after the basic needs of life are met) are merely an excuse for unhappiness. Having said that, I’ll contradict myself and say that marrying well has everything to do with how happy your life turns out in general.

Karen: Do you have a saying, motto or mantra that you find helpful to keeping you happy?

Marsha: I have many depending on the day, where I am and what situation I’m in. My overall saying/motto is intertwined with my personal and artistic mission/artist statement:

“I believe art heals hearts.”

Karen: Do you have a simple routine or habit which makes you feel happier?

Marsha: I have personally found that exercising and eating well are a huge piece of my happiness puzzle. Kundalini yoga/meditation and EFT (emotional freedom technique) including tapping are huge for me to manage my thoughts and emotions. I learned both of these routines from my life coaches so I’ll also say that constant personal development, whether I’m doing that with a coach or on my own keeps me positive, mentally stimulated and growing.

Karen: Tell me about how what you offer to other women can make them happier.

Marsha: In my studio and fine art photography practice I show women a side of themselves they rarely, if ever, see. By styling both my boudoir and fine art experiences as personal development/coaching. It’s a process where people explore themselves from within and then see themselves externally from another perspective. Women (and everyone for that matter) often need the tangible vision of the internal work to be able to grasp their progress. As they see their outer beauty they are more able to see and accept their inner beauty and goodness.

Karen: What does your perfect happy day consist of?

Marsha: This day is perfectly crafted in my dreams. It has not taken place yet.

After a restful night’s sleep I’d awake in close proximity to the ocean or mountains. I’d have my coffee, protein shake and water as I gazed upon the landscape. Maybe work on and with my coaching clients for a bit, work out, then go for a walk or hike. A healthy lunch, then I’d plan or execute a portion of one of my fine art projects. Dinner outside then great conversation around a fire pit or campfire. Lots of dreaming, planning, executing and doing it all close to nature.

Marsha owns Freedom Dreamer Photography, Marsha Foster Commercial Imaging, Lane Foster Fine Art and Toy Robot Productions.

You can follow her on social media:


Twitter: @freedreamphoto

Instagram: @freedomboudoir @lanefosterfineart

@thedreamersjourney @thehostageprojectbook



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