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"Women who help 'happy' happen!" Interview with Carrie Hurley

Carrie Hurley is a small town Northwest Arkansas native who is an avid world traveller with a passion for creating fabulous, individually tailored vacations and experiences for the clients of her travel business. Carrie and her husband Andrew own ‘Purposeful Escapes’. Carrie successfully manages the business, looks after her family and home schools her children! As a woman whose life is so full I was keen to learn her ideas on how to be happy.

On first meeting Carrie the things that struck me most is her enthusiastic and beautiful smile. She has an energy and positivity that I was keen to learn more about. As I sat opposite her sharing our lunch hour over tacos I could immediately tell that she is a lady who has happiness figured out.

Those of you who know me well will know how much I love to travel and go on holiday (that’s vacation for my American audience!) Holidays for me provide the opportunity to day dream, tempt myself with different experiences and varied itineraries but the best bit is the anticipation once I know where we are heading! I love planning in advance and having something booked is almost therapeutic. It provides me with something to get excited about and delve into my guidebooks. However, all of this does come with a price - and that’s me spending hours on the internet researching intently to double check we’ve made the right choices and also that we are getting the best prices too!

This is where Carrie steps in to save her clients valuable time, share her expertise and to provide them with a high class service as a Personal Travel Advisor. Carrie’s concierge level of service is personally tailored for each client and her individually crafted itineraries and experiences make sure each vacation planned will be memorable, special and most importantly a success for the client.

Vacations or holidays - whatever you call it certainly do bring joy when they are done right. Perhaps it’s too large a gamble to do it all on your own? I'm sure that Carrie’s smile comes in part from all her happy clients!

Karen: What do you know about happiness that your younger self wouldn’t have known?

Carrie: My younger self was such a people pleaser and felt she needed to be indispensable in order for others to want to keep her around...she didn't know that she was enough. Who I am created to be is more than enough, and, while I am continually learning and growing, I am content with who I am! There is joy to be found in that.

Karen: Do you have a saying, motto or mantra that you find helpful to keeping you happy?

Carrie: Happiness is a choice.

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

Charles R. Swindoll

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

Karen: Do you have a simple routine or habit which makes you feel happier?

Carrie: Gratitude! When I am feeling down or upset or frustrated, I begin listing out everything that I am thankful for. From my pillows and blankets to sunshine on my face, to hugs from my littles to a husband who loves me unconditionally. When I am grateful, there is no room for the nasties.

Karen: Tell me about how what you offer to other women can make them happier.

Carrie: Vacations are a recipe for happiness, but, sometimes the planning part can get overwhelming! I am a Personal Travel Advisor, and I offer concierge level travel planning services and support for my clients. As the expert, I remove the stress and hassle of vacation planning. I love surprising and delighting my clients with the experiences that I curate for them!

Karen: What does your perfect happy day consist of?

Carrie: My perfect day would involve lots of sunshine and lots of family time! Waking up without an alarm to sunshine streaming into my bedroom, quiet coffee on the balcony, breakfast with my family (made by someone else!), a stroll on the beach and an afternoon of games followed by dinner and an evening with friends and family. Just thinking of that day makes me smile!

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