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"Women who help 'happy' happen!" Interview with Amber Taggard

I love hearing about women who actively help others lead a happier life. So I've been talking with some fantastic women who are helping to spread smiles across the faces of women! Here is the first interview in my new series called "Women who make 'happy' happen!"

Amber Taggard is the owner of the professional organiser service called The Organizer Chicks in Northwest Arkansas. She is herself a professional organizer, time-management coach, and public speaker. She holds an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health and is passionate about using her counseling background to help people improve their mental and emotional health through the creation of organization. Amber believes that our physical spaces impact every part of our lives, and she wants to help others utilise the power of organisation to live simpler, happier lives.

I can personally say how Amber's professional organiser service has helped me declutter and organise my home office and the stacks of paper that seemed to multiply in our home as if they had a life of their own! The simple task of decluttering my office created a space I felt calm in and made me feel instantly more relaxed and happier!

I was really excited to talk to Amber about what she's learnt over the years from her own personal perspective and that of helping women organise every aspect of their lives.

Karen: What do you know about happiness that your younger self wouldn’t have known?

Amber: Life experience has taught me that true happiness isn't a by-product of anything external. It's not about money or other people or recognition or anything that can be gifted or taken away. Happiness is not a "mood" but a state of being, and a lens through which you choose to see and experience the world. I have learned that no one has the power to "make" me mad or offend me, but that I can allow myself to become mad and offended. This isn't to say that there aren't things in this world that are maddening and offensive, but in terms of every day life-living, it was a freeing paradigm shift to realize that happiness comes from the power of my own mind, and that I can willfully choose it every day.

Karen: Do you have a saying, motto or mantra that you find helpful to keeping you happy?

Amber: "It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis." -Margaret Bonanno

I like this quote because it helps me to be mindful of the fact that TODAY...not the time to be happy and to recognize the absolute fairy tale that is my life. I am alive and free and I love and love others. I have all of my needs and many of my wants met and there is beauty all around me. The eternities are made up of todays.

Karen: Do you have a simple routine or habit which makes you feel happier?

Amber: I learned as a middle-schooler that making my bed first thing each morning is a simple trick to feel happier. It signals that the time for rest is over, and the time for productivity has begun, and it allows me to make my little piece of the earth beautiful. Getting this little "win" first thing each morning is important, as success begets success.

Karen: Tell me about how what you offer to other women can make them happier.

Amber: We at The Organizer Chicks believe that the building block of society is the home, and as women, we control the pulse of that all-important hub. When we help rid our clients of excess and clutter and create systems of organization that are functional and tailored to their individual needs, we've positively impacted not just the physical spaces, but the time management, and the feeling of peace and respite from the world inside that home.

Karen: What does your perfect happy day consist of?

Amber: It would have to start with honoring my morning routine (wake before my kids, make my bed, pray, read, get dressed and be ready before waking the children); a morning networking meeting; checking in with my crew (and bringing them Sonic drinks!); lunch with a girlfriend; spending some time outside getting my blood pumping; and a perfectly happy day would definitely have to involve a nap on the hammock in the backyard. Top it off with an evening of playing with the kids and then a late-night date night with my husband...sounds pretty perfect to me.

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