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"Women who help 'happy' happen!" Interview with Allisson Butler-Kublanov

Allisson is the Studio Owner of Bee Well Yoga in Rogers, AR. The Director of The Yoga School and she is a Reiki Master. Allisson has been practising and falling in love with yoga for over 20 years and her passion for this really shines through.

At Bee Well, Allisson has created a peaceful haven where it is possible to escape modern, busy life and really focus on yourself. When I started yoga as a complete beginner at Bee Well I was welcomed into a world I didn't know very much about. I'd heard how beneficial yoga could be from friends but had not experienced it myself. Allisson's classes have shown me how important it is to not only keep moving my body but to also have time to switch my busy mind off from fast paced life and to concentrate on clearing my thoughts and feeling grounded.

I was really excited to have to opportunity to ask Allisson my happiness questions. She interacts with so many women, capably combines being a mother and an entrepreneur and has so much experience in an industry that prioritises the importance of self care. Through all her endeavours Allisson has great insights into women's happiness. I am grateful to have been able to tap into this!

Karen: What do you know about happiness that your younger self wouldn’t have known?

Allisson: It's okay to ask for help and to accept help. We were not meant to do everything alone. Giving and receiving are equally important.

Karen: Do you have a saying, motto or mantra that you find helpful to keeping you happy?

Allisson: “Be grateful - for the smallest things.”

Karen: Do you have a simple routine or habit which makes you feel happier?

Allisson: Everyday I try to carve out time to move my body or practice meditation. Even if that time is only 10 minutes that day. It's important!

Karen: Tell me about how what you offer to other women can make them happier.

Allisson: At Bee Well we want to inspire you to feel good on the inside - when you do that everything else falls into place. Yoga is more than putting your body in a specific shape - it's a way of thinking, doing and existing in the world around you - yoga makes you think, it makes you aware and it helps you find what lights you up on the inside.

Karen: What does your perfect happy day consist of?

Allisson: I enjoy doing some yoga or going for a run or a hike. Spending time with my family, a good meal, talking to my sisters or parents and coffee (definitely coffee!) Spending time outside and having the time to create something - writing, designing or teaching.


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