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"Women who help 'happy' happen!" Interview with AJ Shirey

AJ Shirey’s warm smile and welcome for newcomers in her role as Vice President for Northwest Arkansas Women in Networking is just the tip of the iceberg for a lady supports women in so many ways. Her goals include creating a ripple effect of passion and enthusiasm between women and to connect those who need to meet. She encourages women to realize their potential and dream bigger while learning the value of having a network of supporting friends. Personally, I have definitely learnt from AJ’s extensive experience of connecting people and how to network in the right way. She has taught me the essentials of networking, something that up until recently I had never done before!

AJ works at Northwest Arkansas Community College as Professor and Coordinator of Teacher Education. She co owns First Class Cleaning LLC with her husband Jason and is a brand influencer for Monat, a hair care company where she leads a team of over 1600 ladies! AJ is passionate about sharing her messages and helping others through her social media posts, videos and her blog AJ Answers. With her extensive experience of working with and alongside so many women, as well as helping women feel better about their hair AJ was an obvious choice of who I’d love to interview for her insight on happiness!

Karen: What do you know about happiness that your younger self wouldn’t have known?

AJ: Happiness comes when you keep learning about yourself through personal development and self reflection. It helps tremendously when you have a friend or mentor that will be honest with you about your blindspots. I know what my weaknesses are and how to manage my emotions better.

Karen: Do you have a saying, motto or mantra that you find helpful to keeping you happy?

AJ: “Control what you can control.” There are things we can't control with what others say, do or at work if we are asked to do something we don't appreciate. I've learned to manage the variables I can control and not get out of sorts about the rest.

Karen: Do you have a simple routine or habit which makes you feel happier?

AJ: Exercise makes me feel happier and looking at TimeHop each day on Facebook to see past memories and my boys when they were younger.

Karen: Tell me about how what you offer to other women can make them happier.

AJ: I offer women encouragement, skills training and tough love. Even in this day and time, I see so many women not believing in their ability to change their future. If you live in the United States there is zero reason to not take daily steps towards a better life for you and your family. It takes years of hard work and dedication but it can be done. I offer women mindset training, social media and attraction marketing skills and I work to connect them with women I know, who they can learn from and help. I love to help women find friends because we all get busy sometimes and forget the power of a few good girl friends!

Karen: What does your perfect happy day consist of?

AJ: My perfect day consists of sleeping in, working out, eating a meal out somewhere and being in a new beautiful place experiencing the local culture and nature there. I love nature and seeing parts of the world I've never seen. I love taking my boys on trips and letting them experience new places and doing things together making memories. We work hard to try and take a big trip every couple of years and that has been a life long dream of mine. I come from a very poor background and it has taken most of my life to be in this position. Life still has its ups and downs but we try to make travel a priority.

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