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Understanding me

When was the last time you sat down for a conversation that was just focused on you and what you want to achieve or be? Time that is 100% devoted to your thoughts, feelings and ideas. In fact, have you ever had an hour to focus only on what’s going in your world? Before I discovered life coaching I had not experienced how the opportunity to focus on oneself is so valuable. I’m so glad that through learning to become a coach I have learnt that giving myself the time to sit down with my coach to really talk about me, is not only enjoyable it’s become a really valuable experience from which I have gained so much insight into myself that I could never have found alone.

I was lucky enough to sit down last week with my own coach, Paula. I don’t know about you but I’m so busy that I rarely get to spend time considering my own thoughts and feelings. My brain is full of to do lists, what’s for dinner, volleyball tournament travel plans and juggling my family’s busy schedules. There is little room left in there for deep thinking!

I am currently following a course about discovering your passions and creating your own brilliance. In the workbook there are lots of thought provoking questions designed to help me work out where my passions lie. I’ll admit that when I was working through the book I was pushed for time so I wasn’t giving the questions the time or attention they deserved. I knew these questions needed me to think deeper. My session with Paula was the protected time I needed to run though the questions with her.

“What do you love to create?”

When I look back over my initial notes for this question I’d written three words -“cook delicious food”. Nothing deep about that! Or so I thought…

I have a lifetime love of cooking and being in a kitchen. As a little girl I was taught cook by my mother and Babcia - my Polish granny. I have many happy memories of spending time with them in the kitchen making English recipes along with the Polish ones too. Shepherd’s pies, traditional English cakes and biscuits (cookies) mixed in with Polish apple cake and the best Polish tomato soup I’ve ever tasted! It didn’t take me long to build the confidence to tackle recipes on my own and I’ve never looked back. I can often be found in the kitchen creating something new. It brings me time to focus on something else, perhaps it’s even a form of meditation for me.

My love of cooking remains the same today but I’ve never had the opportunity or even the idea before to explore this more deeply. It’s not often we give ourselves the time to reflect on what we do and why that is. Life has settled into a routine that just happens and we don’t spend time considering why we are doing certain things, probably even less so when it’s something you enjoy. However, exploring what I love to do opened up a whole new level of understanding for me. Imagine how you could use this information when making choices about your life particularly if you are looking to find something to do that you would find fulfilling and to give you a sense of purpose.

I knew that my initial answer to the question was very superficial and this is where my coach stepped in. I really needed to do the question justice and Paula guided me through a whole 60 minute session on just this one question!

I realised I have a passion for cooking because I can create something incredible from simple ingredients that on their own are just that. Combining them together with other ingredients and adding my skills into the process creates a meal or a dish that far surpasses the raw ingredient on its own! Something pretty special. I guess I enjoy seeing the potential of what I can create.

Paula saw the deeper meaning behind what I was saying before I did. She asked me how these things I loved about cooking applied to me being a life coach. I saw it too!

I love transformations!

My clients are the incredible ingredients and I facilitate the transformational process so they can achieve life goals, live life with a true sense of purpose and be who they really want to be!

I can see how the same was true of my career in orthodontics. The crooked smiles of my patients were my raw ingredients, the brackets, wires and aligners my tools and I was the creator of the straight new smiles that literally transformed their lives. My patients who were self conscious and lacking in confidence didn’t want to smile or show their teeth but when they walked out with beautiful new smiles that all changed.

My coaching session helped me realised that in deciding to be a life coach who brings such positive change to women’s lives I had been following my passion to play a role in a transformative process. Maybe this wasn’t a conscious decision but I’m sure it played a role in finding a profession I love so much.

I was so excited by learning this about myself that I started to think about how incredible it would be to ask this question to a woman who is at the point in her life where she wants to find a way she can give herself purpose and direction! What a great question for the lady who wants to discover what really makes her happy!

Now is the time to take control of your story and what happens next. I’d be delighted to work with you to uncover your passions, learn about what you love to create and how together we can put it all into action so you can lead your life with true purpose and direction to be authentically you!

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