• Karen Tindall

My Manifesto for Motherhood

A confident and happy mum doesn’t have to be perfect to be the best version of herself. By understanding that perfection is not necessary she will be authentic to her values and herself and therefore be the best possible mum.

Spend time in the joy of the present but if the need to grow, change or adapt arises take the time to explore the options, refocus your energy, follow your passions and seize the opportunities ahead.

So many life decisions will be based around your children. Have confidence in these decisions because you have the strength, wisdom and love to be the expert on your life and your family.

Believe in yourself as a truly great mum. The journey of motherhood may not always be easy, straightforward and obvious. Work through the harder times knowing that all the tenderness, wonder, delight and love will shine through to outweigh the negatives you face.

Being a mum may not seem easy at times but remember it is the most special role in the world. Enjoy your children, the days may seem long but the years fly by quickly!

And know this to be true... you are the best mum in the whole wide world for your family!


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