• Karen Tindall

More minutes in the day needed!

I needed to show to myself how much I achieve in a day. I had a feeling that despite being on the go all the time that I needed to get more done! So I decided to write a job description of my life!

What started off as an exercise that was very light hearted and a bit of a giggle brought me to the realisation that I do so much already and do it very well! It also showed me where there were gaps in my daily life and what things I need ti include more of.

So here’s my light hearted job description.

Looking for someone who has the following skills:

  • A competent chef able to prepare a wide range of interesting dinners to prevent frequent menu repetition with innovative menu planning.

  • Strong housekeeping skills to include but not limited to grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry services, general house maintenance and plumbing.

  • Happy to make multiple car journeys each day to transport children to different activities and schools.

  • Great administrative skills for family organisation.

  • Social secretary for coordinating multiple calendars and responsible for replying to invitations.

  • A ‘can do’ attitude to accomplish a very full day and then squeeze in a little more to do on top of the already busy day.

  • A problem solver who is ready to help at a moment’s notice.

  • A good listener, knows when to listen and when to give advice.

  • Nursing skills and first aid providing a 24 hour on call service.

  • Incredible mothering skills and childcare experience.

  • Supportive wife.

  • Competent dog walker who can exercise the dog 3 times per day.

  • Vacation planner.

  • Finding time to exercise to stay fit. (Finding the motivation and energy for exercise too!)

  • A positive attitude, someone is is a cheerleader for their family.

  • Fitting in own career and work. (Why this is at the bottom of my list I’ve no idea when it’s such a big part of my life!)

And finally but by no means last...

  • Ability to give the best hugs!

I guess I am using this to illustrate a point that as women we fit so much into our daily lives. Our lives are full to the brim which can leave us feeling tired, overwhelmed and frazzled at the end of each day. Reflecting on my list I noticed I left some very important things off my list - ‘me time' and 'down time’. I also noticed that I wrote down ‘finding time to exercise’ which I do not end up prioritising so the exercise gets cut from my day despite me knowing that it will make me feel better and be more productive as a result. Even as I write this I am imagining running a nice deep bath to escape to. It doesn't have to be something significant that will make the difference to give you a little time to yourself.

So my fun illustration of how much I do ended up being so useful to highlight where I needed to make room in my life and prioritise on elements that were lacking or missing. A useful starting point when thinking about those upcoming new year resolutions!

Try making a fun job description of your life and see what comes up for you! And remember I’m always here to help you explore how you can simplify your own life if you’d like some support and guidance.

Karen x


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