• Karen Tindall

Making conscious decisions to do less rather than more.

This morning I woke up a little early for a Saturday. Why does that seem to happen on a day when you have the chance to sleep for a little longer? I’ve never been one to lie in bed until late morning but I do enjoy waking up in an hour that starts with an ‘8’ as opposed to a ‘6’! Today I had two choices. Get up and start my day and start working through my long list of jobs or stay in bed and give myself the opportunity to be still for a little while longer? Well, this morning I chose me! I made myself a coffee, opened the blinds to enjoy the rays of sunshine coming through them and I picked up my book. It felt so good not to be rushing around and I was pleased with myself for prioritising me over the ‘to do’ list.

I’m really happy to say that more and more of my clients (who are busy women just like you and I) are making conscious decisions to do less rather than more. We have come to the conclusion that although doing everything is possible it’s not always to our (and our family’s) benefit and it’s not even that enjoyable along the way! My ladies are choosing to put themselves first, to have the confidence to say no to requests they would have previously burdened themselves with, to say yes to new challenges and experiences and to take brave steps into new careers, further learning or just a change in routine and lifestyle.

Together with my clients we work on looking at their lives from a whole person perspective. Rather than just focusing on just their relationships or their career my Whole Person approach allows my clients to look at their life as a whole. Understanding that every part of your life plays a role in making your whole life successful and happy. For example, you may have an incredible job or a fantastic social life but if there’s little time to focus on your health and fitness eventually something will have to give! See where I'm going with this. It's so important to consider all aspects of life to ensure it's well balanced and ready for success.

I see that when my clients connect to their inner wisdom, understand their values and purpose along with overcoming limited beliefs they have the power to guide themselves in a way that feels authentic and nurturing. Our coaching relationship is supportive, empathetic and transformative and that is very empowering for my clients.

So I invite you to consider where or what you’d like to focus your time and energy on? What do you need to let go of? If only for today. Rest and relaxation is just as critical to our success as ticking all those jobs off the list. As for me the extra time in bed with my book and coffee was the perfect start to the weekend. I’ve made a list of the things I really want to get done but I’m not going too start them until after I’ve enjoyed a stroll around the farmers’ market!

Happy weekend!

Karen x

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