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Everyday ways to feel happier - Walking your way to Mindfulness

Walking outside is the perfect way to integrate mindfulness into your day. You may have time for a walk in the morning or perhaps you can nip out from work at lunchtime for a stroll. Wherever you may be a walk will get you out into the fresh air and hopefully allows you to get closer to nature. (Even if it's just the skies overhead in the city!).

Walking is such an automatic process so our brains can easily switch off from the busy internal chatter of our minds whilst our legs can keep walking without very much conscious thought at all.

Take advantage of the distraction and allow your mind to wander. Whatever you end up thinking about it will be a step back from your busy mind.

Even walking around the city at lunchtime is a perfect opportunity to reset your mind.

To take this one step further try a walking meditation:

1. Observe how you are feeling as you walk.

2. Notice your surroundings, the views and what’s going on around you.

3. Listen. Whether it’s the birds singing or it’s the background noise of traffic. See how many sounds are layered on top of each other. Are your feet making a sound on the crunchy gravel of a trail?

4. Use your nose. Whether it’s the smell of wet sidewalks, freshly cut grass or spring blossoms acknowledge what scent is in the air.

5. Sensations. Do you feel a cold wind, warm sunshine or damp drizzle?

By following these steps you can escape reality for the short duration of your walk which will allow your mind to rest. You’re likely to feel re-energised and ready to tackle your busy day.


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