• Karen Tindall

Could I use a life coach?

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

A guide to what life coaching is really all about.

The world is full of misconceptions and life coaching seems to be one of them!

I am going to jump straight in to tell you what life coaching is not before telling you what it really is and how you can really benefit from some life coaching whoever you may be.

Life coaching is not therapy, that’s what therapists are for. It is not counselling, so that’s why there are counsellors. It’s not mentoring or an expert opinion. All these valuable professions are distinct in their own rights and life coaching is the same. Let me explain.

A life coach such as myself who uses a holistic approach for the whole person works with individuals who want to show up as the best possible version of themselves by drawing upon their own individual and unique assets which are their abilities, skills, prior experiences and knowledge. The magic of the process is the incredible power that the client harnesses from within themselves to find the answers that are waiting to be uncovered. All clients hold the key to their own puzzle of life and working with a life coach can help to unlock the puzzle so the clients succeed in whichever areas of their life they wish to focus on.

Coached clients feel empowered, motivated, positive and energised to be the best possible version of themselves. A life coach encourages the client to see their life through different perspectives so they can make decisions whilst ensuring they remain authentic to their values and beliefs. All the thinking comes from the client as they are the expert on their life. As a coach, by asking appropriate and relevant questions I empower the client to create the goals, dreams and outcomes that they want to achieve.

Life coaching can be useful for a wide range of topics so the sky is the limit! Perhaps you want to:

  • understand yourself a little better

  • gain valuable insights before making decisions large or small

  • discover what is important to you

  • understand the values you hold in different aspects of your life and perhaps where you are not being true to those values. (Typically when someone is not succeeding how they would wish to it will be because they are not being true to a value that is important to themselves.)

  • be a happier, more positive and authentic person.

The list could keep going!

If you have any questions about whether or not life coaching could be for you then I’d be delighted to answer them. Drop me an e mail or a message and I will arrange a time to have a chat to fill you in.

Karen x


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