• Karen Tindall

A Pep Talk for the Modern Woman (Me included)

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

As a coach I’d like to be your own personal cheerleader for a moment.

Whilst rushing about our packed to the brim lives it can be easy to lose sight of some simple things which help keep us grounded, happy and healthy. I know I can get caught up in the many moments that make up my day that I need a little time to reflect on how I’m living life just to keep me on track.

So here’s some motivation to keep you heading in the right direction and if you feel like you’re losing your way a little they might help you get back on track!

Accept that you are doing a great job. Perfection isn’t always necessary or beneficial to you. Getting caught up in everything needing to be perfect can be spoiling your enjoyment of the process and the here and now.

Spend time with the people that you like, respect and trust (and vice versa for them too!). Great family and friends build you up and make you stronger. People who spend a quarter of their time with close friends and family report feeling happier rather than stressed or anxious.

Do the things that matter most to you. Say no to things or people that deplete your energy.

Trust your instincts when making any decisions. They are normally guiding you in the right direction.

Define your own success and don’t compare yourself to others. Remember the social media posts you are reading are very heavily filtered in all respects. No one has the perfect life.

Don’t rush things and pace yourself. The best rewards are not created by instant gratification. Having it all does not mean having it all at once. Today’s society is getting used to everything happening right now! Slow down and think back to simpler times when things were worth the wait - they still are today.

Exercise is important. It doesn't have to be a strenuous gym session to count but make time to do something active. It could be a walk with family, yoga on your mat at home or playing hide and seek with your children.

Allow yourself time for rest and relaxation. It’s ok to press the pause button from time to time to allow the opportunity to re-energise.

Prioritise a good night’s sleep - both the quality and quantity of the sleep you get are important. The National Sleep Foundation recommend as adults we should be getting 7-9 hours of good quality sleep per night. Many of us have forgotten what it’s like to feel truly rested.

I hope this mini pep talk has given you some motivation to look at areas of your life where you've maybe got stuck in a bad habit or in a rut. I'm going to make good quality sleep my priority and perhaps start with an earlier bedtime. I'd love to know what adaptations you will make.

If you'd like to feel more clam, confident and in control of life then drop me a message here to arrange your free 30 min consultation. You'll be one step closer to living a stress free life!


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