Clarity, Calmness and Confidence

Meet Karen

Hi I’m Karen and I am a women’s happiness coach and the creator of the Clarity, Calm and Confidence Program that helps modern women focus on themselves to simplify and create an authentic and fulfilling life that they have always dreamt of. I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Whole Person Certified Coach. 


I am a proud British girl who now lives in Bentonville, Arkansas in the United States. My husband’s job moved us here 3 years ago from our home in England. We have two teenage girls and a super cute puppy called Rascal. Together the five of us are very happy. 


In England I had a successful career as a dentist working in orthodontics. I loved creating smiles for my patients and seeing the transformation not only of their teeth but how their new smiles changed their whole person!


I bring my passion for transformation into my happiness coaching. There is no better feeling than to see my clients living the lives that they created for themselves. They have a sense of purpose, direction and clarity in knowing what they really want from life. I love seeing women putting themselves higher up their list of priorities!


After arriving in the USA I began studying to become a life coach, more specifically a women’s happiness coach which brings me to where I am today.


I’m really excited to help you find the key to unlocking the puzzle of finding that unidentified something that is missing so you too can feel the happiness and satisfaction of being in control of your life. Life will still be busy and I can help you simplify that. Just imagine how you will feel after completing my Clarity, Confidence and Calm program. You will have a life that feels less hectic and more full of the right things. I’m so excited that you have the chance to be so much happier and confident so that you are leading the best possible life for you. 


Remember the greatest gift that you can give yourself is the gift of happiness and it’s a pretty great gift for your loved ones.

Meet Karen

Find your Clarity, Calm and Confidence

Karen Tindall, Women's Happiness Coach

Do you feel that despite being really fortunate and having a great lifestyle and life that there's still something missing? Something you can't quite put your finger on?

Would you like to:

  • rediscover what is really important to you so that you have the clarity to know who you really are so that you can feel fulfilled and live life with a renewed sense of purpose?

  • simplify life so it feels less hectic and busy so you would have more time for yourself to feel calmer and more grounded?

  • approach each day with the confidence that the decisions you are making align with your true values and beliefs?

My Clarity, Calmness and Confidence Program will help you simplify and create the fulfilling life that you have always dreamed of having.

What brought me to coaching


If you are like the majority of women you are juggling many roles and tasks each day and probably feeling a little frazzled at the same time!  We are expected to be wives, mothers, housekeepers, athletes and all round superheroes! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. 


While we are being pulled in a hundred different directions and spreading ourselves too thin we are also trying to be the ‘perfect woman’. You feel that you have a pretty fortunate life, one which you should really be completely satisfied with. Yet, there’s something that you can’t quite put your finger on which is limiting your happiness. 


Being a stay at home mum was something I’d always aspired to. I felt guilty being the mum who had to go to work and I was a little jealous of my friends who didn’t need to work. Moving overseas presented me with the opportunity to stop work and be the one who didn’t have to go to work. It was as if my dreams came true! 


Outwardly my life looked perfect and I’ll admit I am very lucky indeed. This is not a sob story by any means but after all the initial excitement and organisation of our international move was over it felt that something was missing from my life and I couldn’t put my finger on it.


Let’s be honest, when we get to be at home all the time it can start to feel like there should be something more to life than all the household jobs, errands and childcare that we do. I had gone from being defined by what I did to being defined by my relationships to other people. I yearned to be able to do a Google search to see what was missing. I felt frustrated to be searching for an answer but I didn’t even know what question I needed to ask! The unidentified, niggling feeling (yes you know that feeling) which sat just under the surface of me didn’t go away. I needed something else, a sense of direction and purpose, clarity in knowing that I was choosing the best possible life for me. 


The smallest of household chores which previously wouldn’t have caused me a second thought, started to feel cumbersome and boring. One day I reflected on the fact that I was having to motivate myself to do the household jobs! Enough was enough, I didn’t want to go on continuing to feel this way. Something had to change!


I realised that despite me being super busy during the day with a long to do list and many errands to run I was bored and unfulfilled. I’m sure you understand the feeling of doing so many things without feeling accomplished and having a significant purpose. My mundane daily tasks were taking a more significant role in my day than they had ever done before. At this point I made a conscious decision to find more things to do that would give me a sense of purpose, accomplishment, fun and a new sense of identity. I started going to yoga and started a volunteer position in the inpatient playroom at the Children’s Hospital. Doing these new things along with everything else created a life where I now felt really proud to be me. I was making a difference and had a new sense of purpose which made me feel so energised! One thing that I didn’t notice at the time was that I was no longer apathetic and weighed down with all the daily jobs that I was accomplishing. 


I was able to create a transformation for myself to have a more fulfilling life that made me so much happier. The clarity that it brought me promoted a sense of calm and with that came confidence in knowing that I was doing the right thing for me. From these experiences and thoughts I created the Clarity, Calm and Confidence Program. 



Meagan, Arkansas

After a full time career and then being a stay at home mum for several years I approached Karen in order to work out what I wanted to do next. This was the first time I had enlisted a coach and my brief was vague and broad with numerous ideas swirling around in my head. Over the initial consultation Karen carefully explained the coaching process and we spent time looking at the main areas and core values of my life.


The whole session was extremely well planned, and professional. It is evident Karen is an exceptional coach with a deep understanding of the coaching process along with being friendly and approachable. Over subsequent sessions we honed in on areas I choose to develop further which has now given me the tools to go away and improve my life for the better. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Karen again and look forward to working with her in the future.

Paula C, Minnesota 

As a busy, involved, working Mom, I wear many hats and sometimes struggle with how to get it all done. Karen has helped me navigate and prioritize all of my responsibilities. The best part is a renewed sense of freedom I feel in being able to do what is most important and not sweat some of the small stuff.  She has an uncanny sense of knowing what is lying underneath my worries and guilt.  She gently, but intentionally draws that out of me to be able to dig deeper into my life's purpose.  I am so happy to have worked with Karen and look forward to each and every session.

Casey, Lowville, NY

My life is pretty crazy these days with a 5 and 2 year old, husband, budding business, 2 kittens and a puppy! Karen is always present in our sessions and has a wonderful ability to really hold the space I need to process whatever current predicament I’m in. I value her calm guidance and insights immensely. Working with Karen has been such a pleasure and has allowed me to step back from the hectic day to day and reconnect to the values and feelings that I want to have in my family life. As someone who has been both a working mom and a stay at home mom I know Karen understands the unique challenges that I face as a work from home mom. I feel that having Karen in my corner as a coach is a tremendous asset.

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